Gain Control
Over Gambling
*Services currently limited to Canadian and US clients

Regain Focus

Stop feeling distracted by constant thoughts of gambling, taking your attention away from from what really matters.

Live With Purpose

Stop chasing the next win and discover a sense of true meaning and purpose, centered on your core values.

Rebuild Relationships

Stop the constant lying and sense of guilt. Rebuild close relationships based on trust and authenticity. 

Find Hope

Get out of the endless cycle of false hope and envision a life free from the rollarcoaster of gambling. 

Build Self-esteem

Break free from the constant thoughts of not being enough. Step out of social comparison and into genuine connection.

Gain Control

Leave the chaos and sense of powerlessness behind. Live a life based on your own chosen path forward. 

"Steve Rose is a great counselor. He has helped me in the past with my gambling addiction. Steve is approachable, professional and helpful. He helped me create a plan that has worked great!"


"Steve was always there for me... I can sincerely attest that his support as a counsellor and friend, has made a lasting positive impact on my overall wellbeing. He is a solid choice when it comes to counselling around addiction..."



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Online sessions are conducted on, a highly secure platform used by many healthcare practitioners. works like Zoom. Once a session is booked, you will be sent a link to Steve Rose’s meeting room.


Meeting you where you are at.

My approach consists of using two highly client-centered evidence-based counselling techniques:

Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

MI consists of a collaborative conversation about change that has been demonstrated to improve focus and motivation. ACT is a technique designed to target one’s relationship to the unhelpful thoughts and emotions that drive behaviour. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How does gambling addiction work?

Gambling addiction works by hijacking the brain’s learning mechanism through random rewards. To learn more, check out my article: How Does Gambling Addiction Work.

What are the benefits of counseling?

 Counseling can lead to fewer anxious thoughts, improved mood, insight into self-destructive patterns, increased self-esteem and confidence, a clearer sense of purpose, and better focus. To learn more, check out my article: What are the Benefits of Counseling?

Does online counselling work for addiction?

According to current evidence, online counselling is effective for addiction. See my full review of the scientific literature in the article: Does Online Counselling Work for Addiction.

When does something become an addiction?

Something becomes an addiction if it begins to have significant harmful impacts on other areas of your life. To learn more, see my article: When Does Something Become an Addiction

Why is it so hard to find a good therapist? 

It can be challenging to find a person who specializes in a specific area of concern. Also, there are many ineffective therapists, so it is important to be critical of the support you receive. To learn more, check out my article on Why it’s so Hard to Find a Good Therapist

How do you stop online gambling?

In this article, I provide some practical ways to stop online gambling so you can regain control and start living the life you want. Check out the article: How to Stop Online Gambling


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