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Steve Rose, PhD

Steve Rose, PhD, is an addiction counsellor who assists those struggling with substance abuse, gambling, gaming, and internet addiction. In addition to publishing academic articles on psychotherapeutic treatments, he has experience working in treatment and prevention.


Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) are widely accepted treatment approaches in the addiction field. When combined, these approaches help individuals overcome mental barriers and increase motivation to move toward valued directions.


Steve Rose explores the latest research into what causes suffering and how we can overcome it. In a world were uncertainty is on the rise, it is more important than ever to make sense of our modern times and learn how to navigate our social world, breaking free of unhealthy behavioral patterns. 

Meeting you where you are at.

I often hear people say they try to reach out, but they don’t feel understood. They often feel unheard or feel the person trying to help them has a hidden agenda.

My approach is highly person-centered, meaning I help clients create a plan that works for their unique situation. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction recovery. 


How to Stop Betting on Sports

You sit on the edge of your seat, heart racing, as the final minutes of the game tick down. The thrill of the bet amplifies every play, every pass, every shot. The highs of a win make you feel invincible, while the lows of a loss send you spiraling, chasing the next...

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What Gambling Addiction Feels Like

As an addiction counselor, I've spent countless hours talking to people about gambling addiction. Although each individual's journey with addiction is unique, colored by personal experiences, triggers, and challenges. The account provided here depicts the lived...

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A Compassionate Approach to Addiction Treatment

The lens through which we view human nature significantly impacts how we approach societal challenges, including addiction. These perspectives, shaped by various cultural, philosophical, and psychological frameworks, can range from viewing human nature as...

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Why I Believe People Are Inherently Good

Human nature, a subject of deep fascination and intense study throughout the history of human thought, encompasses a spectrum of views about what fundamentally drives human behavior. While some argue that humans are inherently selfish or aggressive, others present a...

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, drugs, or technology?

Are you using alcohol, drugs, or technology as a way to escape from everyday difficulties? Is your use of substances or technology negatively affecting other areas of your life, including relationships, employment, finances, and health? If so, it may be worth re-evaluating your habits. 

What is counseling?

Counseling is a collaborative conversation about change, tailored to the unique needs of each individual. It is a non-judgmental process focused on helping a person overcome obstacles by developing strategies focused on addressing unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  

Does internet addiction actually exist?

The World Health Organization classified Gaming Disorder as an official form of addictive behavior that consists of:

  1. The loss of control over one’s gaming. 
  2. Gaming taking priority over other areas of life. 
  3. Continued use despite negative consequences and impaired functioning in other areas of one’s life.

Am I ready to seek help?

Only you can answer this question. If you've read to this point, it may be an indicator that you're considering some important changes. If you're searching for a neutral non-judgmental person to talk to, counselling is a safe way to gain insight and regain a sense of control. 

What are the different forms of addiction?

Addictions come in various forms, including alcohol, drugs, social media use, web-surfing, video gaming, and gambling. 

Substance abuse and behavioral addictions can progressively impact several areas of your life, including the ability to focus at school or work, and affect your close relationships.  

Are services available in my country?

At the time being, services offered by Steve Rose, PhD are available to Canadian residents online and in person for those residing in the Windsor-Essex area.


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