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Do you feel like gambling is taking over your life?

Are you gambling to win back money?

Do you keep gambling, despite continued losses?

Persons struggling with their gambling often find it difficult to focus, constantly feeling like they are chasing the next big win, or turn to gambling to escape pain or boredom.


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In a game stacked against the player, you can beat the odds by getting help.

Each game has a built-in advantage against the player, costing you more, the longer you play.

What is the real cost?

Beyond the money, gambling can cost you the relationships with your loved ones.

Even if you feel completely stuck, change is possible.

Research suggests three-quarters of persons who complete treatment abstain from gambling for at least six months, saving money, building relationships, and regaining control. Persons struggling with their gambling often find it difficult to focus, constantly feeling like they are chasing the next big win, or turn to gambling to escape pain or boredom. 

Decide to Transform Your Life

Regain focus

Gain back control over your life and be able to focus on what matters. 

Live with purpose

Feel alive and confident with a sense of meaning and direction.

Build strong relationships

Gain a sense of belonging and connection to loved ones.

Meet the Counsellor

Hello! I'm Steve

Certified Gambling Counsellor

Working in problem gambling prevention and treatment, I have seen how gambling can take over someone’s life. When gambling becomes a way to escape pain or boredom, it turns into a downward spiral where it is no longer fun and chasing back losses becomes the primary focus. I help individuals struggling with their gambling through online counselling, allowing them to regain control in their life, build a sense of meaning and purpose, while strengthening a sense of belonging through strong relationships. 

To learn more about me, please visit my about me section. 

My Expertise

Problem Gambling &
Behavioural Addictions

Working in problem gambling prevention and treatment, in addition to working with individuals struggling with substances, I have learned that behaviour is often the tip of the iceberg. Addictions are a way of coping with issues in the short-term, at the expense of long term progress. Underlying issues often involve low self-esteem, anxiety, or psychological barriers from overwhelming life events.

I have written over 60 articles on addiction and these underlying issues, if you want to learn more, please feel free to contact me here.

My Approach

Motivational Interviewing + 
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy 

My approach consists of using two highly client-centered evidence-based counselling techniques: Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). MI consists of a collaborative conversation about change that has been demonstrated to improve focus and motivation. ACT is a technique designed to target one’s relationship to the unhelpful thoughts and emotions that drive behaviour.

Check out the articles here:

What Causes People to Change?

How to Stop Living in Your Head


“Steve was always there for me… I can sincerely attest that his support as a counsellor and friend, has made a lasting positive impact on my overall wellbeing. He is a solid choice when it comes to counselling around addiction…”

Scott Moon Mitchell

“Steve Rose is a great counselor. He has helped me in the past with my gambling addiction. Steve is approachable, professional and helpful. He helped me create a plan that has worked great! Steve is always available if you need assistance or even just encouragement with your progress.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does gambling addiction work?

Gambling addiction works by hijacking the brain’s learning mechanism through random rewards. To learn more, check out my article: How Does Gambling Addiction Work.

What are some addictive behaviours?

Addictive behaviors operate similar to addictive substances, causing craving, loss of control. To see the full list, you can check out my article here: What Are Some Addictive Behaviors?

Does Online Counselling Work for Addiction?

According to current evidence, online counselling is effective for addiction. See my full review of the scientific literature in the article: Does Online Counselling Work for Addiction.

When Does Something Become an Addiction?

Something becomes an addiction if it begins to have significant harmful impacts on other areas of your life. To learn more, see my article: When Does Something Become an Addiction

What are some warning signs of a relapse?

I created this list by collecting responses from 75 individuals in recovery and professionals in the addiction field. Check out this free resource here: 12 Early Warning Signs of a Relapse.

How do you prevent a gambling addiction?

Preventing a gambling addiction requires playing for entertainment rather than using it to make money or win back losses. Check out the article: How to Prevent a Gambling Addiction

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