Recommended Resources

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Counselling Resources is one of the most flexible forms of online counseling. Their main benefit is lower costs, the ability to get started simply and immediately, accessibility via their mobile app, and the ability to switch counselors quickly and easily, until you find the right fit.

It’s almost like having a counselor in your pocket, since you can text, voice-message, or set up video calls whenever you need support.

For persons struggling with anxious thoughts, depressed moods, low self-esteem, low motivation, or loneliness, check out Better Help here to get started. offers online support in the form of self-guided modules. They also have a therapist-guided upgrade so you can get personalized feedback. Another benefit is that it is based on the evidence-based practice of Cognitive-behavioral Therapy (CBT). Click here to check out their program.

If you are looking for a specialist near you, I’d recommend the Psychology Today therapist directory here. Although prices are quite a bit higher than the above resources, most of the practitioners accept insurance. It is also the largest therapist directory, globally.

If you live in Canada, I highly recommend checking out the Wellness Together Canada program. In addition to free counselling, funded by the federal government, you can also access various self-guided online modules.

As always, it is important to be critical when seeking help, since the quality of counselors are not consistent. If you are not feeling supported, it may be helpful to seek out another practitioner. I wrote an article on things to consider here.

Resources for Addiction

If you live in Canada, I provide virtual addiction counseling. You can contact me here for a free 15 min phone consultation.

If you are looking for individual addiction counseling, you can use the Psychology Today therapist directory here, filtering your results by location and practitioner specialization.

If you’re looking for 24hr virtual peer-support, you can check out In The Rooms. They offer a wide range of virtual peer-support meetings on various specialized areas of addiction.

Life-changing Books 

Here are a few of the books I recommend most to my clients. You can get one of these books for free on Audible, if you use the links below and have no yet signed up for an account.


Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff PhD

Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents by Lindsay C. Gibson PsyD.

Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach PhD

Daring Greatly by Brené Brown PhD

The Whole-Brain Child by Daniel J. Siegel MD

Intuitive Eating by Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole

When the Body Says No by Gabor Maté MD


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