Experience the Serenity Switch

Stop Overthinking
Start Living

Regain Focus

Stop feeling distracted by constant overthinking and start focusing on what really matters.

Live With Purpose

Stop feeling lost and unmotivated and start living with a sense of purpose.

Break Old Habits

Stop feeling stuck while overthinking the future and start building the life you want, today.

Find Hope

Stop worrying about thing you cannot control and build hope for a better future.

Build Self-esteem

Break free from thoughts of not being enough, not doing enough, and feeling worthless.

Gain Control

Stop feeling overwhelmed and powerless. Start living life on your own terms.

"The Serenity Switch is exactly what I had been looking for! The clear instructions allowed me to dig deep and uncover the real barriers holding me back."

"In only a few hours, this program helped me overcome years of struggling and constant overthinking. Although the problems still exist, I feel way more equipped to face them!"

"It changed the way I approached my problems. I no longer feel overwhelmed by everyday stress and I have started taking steps toward a better life."

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Experiential Exercises



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How This Is Different

Others focus on simply using positive thinking, distraction, or rational evaluation.

These may work in the short-term, but it never addresses the root cause. Although these techniques sound reasonable, they don’t often work in practice. 

Instead, this program takes a counterintuitive evidence-based approach to addressing overthinking.

You’ll learn how hitting the Serenity Switch changes everything. 

Why Struggling With Your Thoughts Doesn’t Work:

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Meeting you where you are at.

Steve Rose PhD is a counsellor in the addiction field who has helped many clients overcome issues rooted in overthinking.

By using the evidence-based principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), he is able to facilitate rapid change.

While completing a doctoral degree in sociology, he has conducted research on the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic treatments and the psycho-social roots of mental health and addiction issues.


Stop Overthinking and Start Living, Today.

What is the Serenity Switch?

The Serenity Switch is a program developed by Steve Rose PhD, designed to help you learn how to stop overthinking and start living the life you want. It is based in the evidence-based principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

What does the program include?
The program includes eight video modules, eight experiential exercises, and four worksheets. After signing up, you will have immediate access to the content and it can be completed at your own pace.
Will this program work for me?
Although this informational program is not a substitute for individual counseling, it is based on the same principles used to help many people transform their lives. If you are not 100% satisfied with the program, you will get a full refund.
How can I learn more about this approach?

To learn more about the approach used in this program, check out my article on How to Stop Living in Your Head.

Ready to stop struggling with your thoughts?

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